Thursday, August 03, 2017

I Hate Waiting for Packages to be Delivered...

We all know the struggle of waiting in all day for a package to be delivered, only for it to finally turn up at quarter to five in the evening. Right? Mr Postie seems to take an eternity to turn up on your doorstep with a box you've so patiently waited all day for, the contents of which you've probably already forgotten about because if you're not unlucky enough to have Amazon Prime it feels like you ordered it years ago and now you have to wait even longer to find out what you ordered...

As I'm writing this I'm currently waiting in for a package I've had to have re-delivered because I missed it the first time around. I'm willing to bet it's a tiddly little box or a bubble envelope that could have easily been shoved through the letterbox but instead I have to sign for it which means I'm glued to the living room sofa for a majority of the day nervously waiting, twiddling my thumbs, and popping my head up like a meerkat every single time someone walks past the living room window or I hear a car/van door being slammed rather violently.

By this point sweat is starting to bead on my eyebrow as I nervously wait with a full bladder, knowing full well that if I were to run to the little girls room the postie would knock as soon as I have my knickers around my ankles. What do I do? Do I rush to empty my already fit-to-bursting bladder from drinking so much coffee or do I quickly pull them up and sprint to the door as if my life depended on what is in that package? While I'm stood there trying to figure out what to do and not pee myself in the process, Mr Postie has already been and gone. I don't know if it's just my postie who does this but he never hangs around long enough for me to make that split second decision. Typical.

I have a horrible knack of just missing the postie by a fraction of a second because I either went to get my fifth coffee of the day and I didn't sprint fast enough to the front door, which believe me isn't that far away, just a couple of lunges, or I was busting for a pee and I couldn't hold it in any longer and he knocked the second I sat down on the royal throne. *sigh*

I think next time I'll just stick a note on the door...


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