Saturday, July 22, 2017

Advice I'd Give To My Younger Self

Advice for my younger self
1. Slow down and cherish your younger years. You won't be young forever and everything will eventually change and become harder as you get older. Don't grow up, keep your heart young for as long as you possibly can.

2. No. Your first boyfriend will not be "the one". Ultimately he showed his true colours and turned out to be a complete dick, so let go and move on as quickly as your heart will allow. Don't stay friends. People lie. Shit gets messy if you don't sever the tie.

3. Go and see your family. They miss you and think of your every day. You missed watching your little sister grow up into a beautiful teen and even though she will always be your little princess, you miss how little she used to be. Get off your lazy ass, go and see her and tell her how much you love her.

4. DON'T cut your hair. You'll regret it because you'll never get it back to that length ever again.

5. Push yourself. I know you were a nervous little shit but c'mon. Step out of your comfort zone and flourish. You can be anything and anyone you want to be, so be it. Stop caring so much about what everyone else thinks of you.

6. Don't put down your camera and allow it to gather dust. Keep going. You shouldn't stop doing the things you love because you don't feel good enough. There are people in your life (your family) who have faith in you and who can see your potential, even when you can't see it in yourself.

7. Life is hard and it hurts. It doesn't mean it isn't good and it shouldn't be lived to its fullest.

8. Stop being stupid, you're not going to be forever alone. Dry those eyes and pull yourself together. You're engaged at 23 to a wonderful man who loves you more than life and would go to the ends of the earth if it meant it would make you happy. So please don't use people as a rebound while you're waiting for him to turn up. They can do without the heartache too.

9. You don't need anyone else's approval and acceptance, but your own. Accept yourself right now, as you are, for who you are. You'll thank me for it. I promise.

10. Stop pushing those who love you away. Stop backing yourself into a corner and fighting as if it's just you against the world. There are people who are in your corner fighting with and for you. Can't you see that?

11. Love. Love like you've never been hurt or heartbroken. Love unconditionally.

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