Sunday, July 23, 2017

10 Things I'm Grateful For This Weekend

A list of things I am grateful for this weekend
Hello lovelies, I hope you've all had a wonderful weekend despite it nearly being over again for another week (boo!) Since I've had a mixture of a good and a bad weekend all rolled into one, I thought I'd make a list of 10 things I'm grateful for as to not let the bad overshadow the good.

1. This seems like an odd one to write about but my mum finally got admitted into the hospital yesterday and I'm super thankful that her ongoing pain and health problems are finally going to be addressed and sorted out since they were not only causing her grief but me and Mark as well.

2. The weather has cooled down slightly and we've finally been able to sleep comfortably. I'm one of those people who hates summer. I can't stand the heat, especially at night when you're tossing and turning with the sheets stuck to you despite having the fan on full blast and a leg stuck out of the covers.

3. There are only two months left until September when me and Mark go back down to London to visit my momma bear-in-law and while we're there for Mark's birthday, we're also going to Harry Potter World and I'm super excited - I can't wait to get my wand and to adopt a little pink Pygmy Puff!

4. Speaking of Harry Potter, I've recently started re-reading Goblet of Fire again. I'd forgotten how much joy and contentment the HP series brings to my life. Thank you, J.K. Rowling!

5. We've finally been able to treat Millie's fleas with a treatment we got from the vets as they just weren't gotten rid of before by using the regular stuff we were getting from the supermarket. It's so lovely to see her back to her happy cheeky self and playing with her toys again.

6. My skin is clear! These past few weeks my skin has been so clear; no acne and no spots rearing their ugly yellow heads and it's been a godsend. Doing my makeup is so much more enjoyable with such a smooth base and only a few scars to cover!

7. Having time to cook together with Mark at the weekend is one of my favourite past times, we love food and cooking, baking and just generally spending time together in the kitchen (usually making a mess) so getting to do it together at the weekend without rushing to get the food on the plate is a blessing as during the week we don't normally have the time when Mark gets home from work.

8. Netflix, Netflix, Netflix. Who doesn't love Netflix? Lately, me and Mark have been working out way through the Marvel tv shows and since we've just finished watching Jessica Jones, we've now moved on to Luke Cage which we're really enjoying too. I highly recommend checking them out and giving them a watch if you're a Marvel fan!

9. Shout out to coffee for always being a girl's best friend. You can never go wrong with a good cup of coffee. Right?

10. Social media and getting to chat with like-minded people over on Twitter always makes my day so much brighter!

What's one thing you're grateful for this weekend?
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