Monday, June 12, 2017

Liebster Award | Discover New Blogs

I apologize for not blogging recently, it's not that I've lost my blogging mojo as I usually do around this time of year (which I have, boo!) but I've also been super busy setting up my little business and working on some exciting products to sell on Etsy which hasn't been easy-going. I believe I'm nearly there in having something ready to sell but since I'm waiting on a few things there's no better way to get back into blogging than being nominated for the Liebster Award by the wonderful Emily over on Red Daily, as a way to get to know talented bloggers with smaller audiences.

T H E  R U L E S :
1. Answer the 11 questions that the nominator has asked you .
2. Nominated 11 other bloggers with under 200 followers
3. Ask your nominees 11 questions
4. Let them know you have nominated them!

Seeing all those 1's I just had to add this in. I constantly see 1, 11 and 111 nearly everywhere and more often than not I catch 11:11 on my phone when checking the time. How weird is that?

Seeing 1, 11, and/or 111 means change is happening or has happened and it may be the start of a new cycle. It suggests that the change(s) you are contemplating or have begun are the right thing to do in your life and is the path you are meant to be taking in this life; your reason for being here.

Well, with that being said, here's the answer the questions Emily asked:

1. What do you enjoy doing in your spare time?
I enjoy playing video games, reading, going for walks with my fiance, watching Netflix, and drinking earl grey tea. 

2. Who is your inspiration?
I'm not sure I can answer this, I don't really have anyone who I aspire to be or be like. I just want to be me. I think it's important to admire other people's success, happiness, life, but never compare them to your own. We're all on our own journey, not one person is on the same path in life. 

3. Which movies could you watch over and over again and still love?
Disney movies for sure! 

4. Which is your favourite holiday of the year?
HALLOWEEN! I actually met my partner on Halloween so this holiday will always be favourite.

5. If you could ever go back in time to change one thing, what would it be?
I wouldn't go back, only forward. We can't change the past for a reason and whatever reason that may be, it must be important. As cheesy as it is, everything happens in our lives for a reason. 

6. Have you ever met any celebrities, if so who?
Nope, never. Not sure I'd care to meet any either *shrugs*

7. If you could ask your future self one question, what would it be?
Am I happy? 

8. What is your favourite genre of music?
Country. I've no idea where my love for country music came from but I embrace it. I'd love to own a pair of my own cowgirl boots and have seriously considered getting married in them because ya girl cannot walk in heels to save her life. Also, anything acoustic, I adore. 

9. Sweet or savoury?
Savoury, I don't have a very sweet tooth at all. A medium cup of pick 'n' mix lasts me well over a week. Give me chocolate though and it'll be gone in seconds!

10. How do you want to improve yourself in the next year?
I'd like to be a bit more confident in myself and my ability to do things. At the moment I doubt myself too much and it holds me back more than I like to admit. 

11. Would you encourage others to start a blog if they were thinking about it?
Of course! Blogging has brought so much happiness and joy into my life, has been a creative outlet and boosted my confidence. I can only say good things about blogging and the benefits it may bring about. 

I  N O M I N A T E :
1. Ellis (Ellis Woolley)
2. Jordanne (The Life of a Glasgow Girl)
3. Elizabeth ("Ice Cream" whispers Clara)
4. Sharna (The Perks of Being Sharna)
5. Cassie (ZombieGoddess Beauty)
6. Chelsea (- Chelsea Hodges)
7. Kirsty (As Told By Kirsty)
8. Corinne & Kirsty (Corinne and Kirsty)
9. Maria (Life With Maria)
10. Kelly (Velvet and Vibranium)
11. Lauren & Rachel (The Flower That Blooms)

The lovely ladies I nominate may or may not be under 200 followers, they are however blogs I genuinely enjoy.

Q U E S T I O N S  F O R  M Y  N O M I N E E S :
1. What does music mean to you?
2. Do you believe in the butterfly effect?
3. What's one thing you've always dreamt of doing?
4. Where do you see yourself this time in three years?
5. What is your greatest strength?
6. What is one book that you've always wanted to read?
7. What do you usually order at your favourite restaurant?
8. Are you still learning who you are?
9. What's your favourite childhood memory?
10. What impact do you want to leave on the world, if any?
11. What's one life lesson you would give to your younger self?

If I nominated you for this and you decide to write and blog post and answer the questions, make sure you tag me over on Twitter (@illuminehearts) so I can read all of your answers!


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