Friday, May 15, 2015

Mellow Yellow!

This bright and vibrant and sometimes mellow colour is slowly becoming one of my absolute favourites, although I'll always love lilac the most.

But nevertheless I thought that I'd just share with you lovelies some of my favourite things and things that make me happy that are... Well, yellow!

Sunny lemon cupcakes! (I just baked these yesterday!) Not only are they yellow and smell delicious, but they also taste very yummy and sunny and always remind me of the Summer time.

Honey/Bumble Bees! They're the bees knees - get it? Haha! I've always thought of bees to be rather cute with their fat fluffy yellow and black bodies, tiny legs and delicate little wings - it's a wonder they ever stay up in the air!

I'll Give You The Sun by Jandy Nelson - This is one of the five books I really want to read this Summer. With the edition I have the cover is a very sunny bright yellow and every time I look at it on my bookshelf it never fails to make me happy.

Candles (by now we all know I love candles!) But there are so many beautiful candles in an array of yellows and creams and I'm willing to bet, they all smell amazing!

Lemonade. I know, I know.. Not all lemonades are actually yellow. But any kind of lemonade reminds me of the colour yellow and of the Summer and also of my granddad who used to keep quite a few bottles of different lemonades by the side of his chair.

If yellow is your favourite hue, then you are likely to be creative and unafraid to think for yourself, according to colour psychologists. You may be cheerful. but are inclined to be self-critical. You communicate well, but can get irritated with those who cannot keep up with your quick wits.

What's your favourite colour, what do you think of when you think of your favourite colour?


Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Make Me Beautiful | Next Cosmetics

Last Saturday I went for coffee and to do a spot of retail therapy with my mom and we decided to pop into Next since we haven't been in for quite a while and we saw what looked like the start of a refurbishment. To my surprise in the back corner, they had a new cosmetics stand around where they usually have jewellery and make-up bags. Sadly though, almost half of the stand was empty as the products had already been eagerly snapped up!
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