Saturday, February 28, 2015

Childhood Memories

disney vhs tapes, sundresses and frilly ankle socks, jelly sandals, polly pockets and betty spaghetti, making sand castles at the beach and running away screaming from the freezing cold waves, mr whippy ice cream cones, playing spyro the dragon on playstation with my best friend, making my dad put up the huge tent in the garden and going 'camping', having a bbq and picnicing on a blanet in the garden during the summer, playing tomb raider with my dad and sims and harry potter with my step mum on the pc, playing swingball with my step mum and being clonked on the nose with the ball, going on holiday and staying in a caravan, visiting the arcades and playing on the slot machines.

I miss my childhood. What reminds you of yours?
Keep smiling xoxo
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